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 Every day in Houston, 1 in 4 pre-school children aged 5 and under are wondering where their next meal is coming from and they live unsure if they will have food that day. Here at KidsVikas HoustonALT, we have made it our mission to be part of the fight to end hunger and bring hope to those facing starvation due to abject poverty. These kids are our future, and our hope for a brighter world and we must provide them every resource to thrive.  We are on target to prepare more than 12,000 meals for underprivileged pre-school children this year.

Sri Ashtalakshmi Temple, VT Seva Houston, & Prajna have joined hands with Kids’ Meals, here in Houston, to deliver free, healthy meals year round to the homes of Houston’s hungriest preschool-aged children.


Donate by cash (designated Hundi,) Check, Credit or Debit card at temple and online  here

Your generous donation helps us deliver not just a healthy meal, but hope.



Volunteer Questionaire

Yohan Ashtekar

Tell us about yourself?

  • I am Yohan Ashtekar, 15 year old  soon to be Junior at Tompkins High School, Katy. I love playing sports and having fun. Usually an introvert, I feel quite differently while volunteering and meeting new people who encourage me to be a part of their group.

How did you get first introduced to kids meals (Kids Vikas HoustonALT)?

  • In one of the family friends meet, I got to know about the Kids Meals Programme by Kids Vikas HoustonALT.

How long have you been volunteering at kids meals? What keeps you coming back?

  • I have been volunteering at kids meals since February, 2016. The sincere effort put forth by the Kids Vikas HoustonALT motivates not just me but my entire family, to keep coming back and be a part of this noble cause.

 What's the most rewarding thing you have taken from your volunteer experience in online casino?

  • Just the thought of giving little time and doing the smallest tasks, can make a real difference to the kids, who will not go hungry is a rewarding experience in itself.

What is your favorite volunteer memory?

  • A couple weeks ago, we were out of bread. Quickly, our head volunteer rushed to the nearest grocery store Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg. This made me feel very proud of our commitment and our hustle to make everything perfect.

How has volunteering impacted your life?

  • I have been volunteering for different causes for few years now. Though initially it started for building "resumes," the feeling of pride and satisfaction took over slowly. Now, I volunteer because it impacts others lives and mine too in the process. It has helped me to grow a sense of integrity, compassion and determination. It has expanded my social circle and friends. Above all, it makes me happy!




2 Hours on a Sunday
President's volunteers hours awarded by VT Seva


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