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 Program Schedule




Friday Deember 29th 2017 


5.30 AM Uttara Dwara Darsanam, Archana


6.00 AM Sevakalam (Tiruppavai Chanting)


Followed by Teertham and Prasadam

 Archanas performed entire day.



Mukkoti Ekadasi or Vaikunta Ekadasi is the Ekadasi that occurs in the month of  Dhanurmasam.


According to Vishnu Purana, fasting on Vaikunta Ekadasi is equivalent to fasting on the remaining 22 Ekadasis of the  year.


Lord opened the gate of Vaikuntam (his abode) for two daemons inspite of they being against the Lord. They also asked for the boon that who ever listens to their story and see the image of Lord coming through the door (called Dwaram) called Vaikunta Dwaram they reach Vaikuntam as well.


In Mahabaratha, Bhagavad Gita - the conversation between Lord Krishna and Arjuna at the beginning of Kurukshetra War is said to have occurred on this day.


This day through Uttara Dwara Darshanam, Bhulokam will become Vaikhuntam.  So please visit temple and get darshan of Vaikunthapati.