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New Year Celebrations


Sri Sudarsana Ho:mam on January 1, 2018

(10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.)

Sponsorship - $51


Archana's are performed entire day.

To pay for Archana online, please select Dhanurmasa Pooja and enter date as 01/01/2018

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If you are not able to attend Sri Sudarsana Homam personally, please complete payment online. 

We will do Homam on your name and send you Prasadam.

 Sri Sudarsana adorns the right hand of Lord Sri Venkateswara. Sri Sudarsana is being worshiped as Paramapurusha as well as Ayudhapurusha. As Parama Purusha, He is Srimannarayana Himself and as Ayudapurusha, He is the supreme weapon (divine discuss) in the Holy hands of Sri Krishna.

Sri Sudarsana who has the divine quality to always serve and is ready to stand guard for the Lord Himself will quickly protect any devotee of SrimanNarayana


Prama:nam on of Sri Sudarsana Ho:mam


The Sri Sudarsana Yagnam is being performed as prescribed in the Vaikhasana Agama and Ahirbudhniya Samhita of Sri Pancharatra Agama. Conducting one Sudarsana Yagna is equal to conducting 10 yagnas of any other kind dedicated to others-like Navagrahas. It removes all doshas like Sanidosham, Angaraka dosham, Rahu/ Ketu dosham etc.




  1. Bestow happiness by giving good health
  2. Wealth
  3. Long life
  4. Removes obstacles in one’s life
  5. Removes all evil and enemies.