Sri Venkate:swara Sarana:gathi Deeksha

Sunday 12/17/2017 to Sunday 01/14/2018


Deeksha initiation:    Sunday 12/17/2017 8:30 am

Deeksha conclusion:  Saturday 01/14/2018 6:30 pm



This is a vratham starting from Dhanurmasam upto the Goda Kalyanam. As Goda said "ve:ngadavarkku ennai vidi enna immaaththam". So let us all too follow her instructions and pray as she taught us to do.

White marks the peace and Yellow marks the sacred relationship of this soul with the Supreme Lord Sri Venkateswara. So devotees have to wear the clothes of either yellow or white color. Lord loves every one. A devotee also loves Lord and does all services. Tulasi garland signifies and enhances such sa:thvik virtues in us. So we wear it. Hanuman is an example for egoless and pure service to His master. So to serve our master with Love, we wear Hanuman's pendent too.

We take this Deeksha from a devotee of Lord Sri Venkateswara , irrespective of caste or creed, who out of Love towards Lord and His words , is away from the onions, egg, meat, alcoholic beverages etc. and sincerely prays Lord for the good of the world. One can prepare a Kalasa with the manthra "Om namo venkatesaaya" adorned with Divine discus and Conch on either side. One can write or say the manthra and offer each time a grain, in the Kalasam every day as many times as possible. One have to perform "Nagara Sanki:rthana" collectively in the early hours atleast once a week (preferably on saturdays) with the Kalasam and the Lord (a Photo). They have to worship Lord daily may be in the evening, collectively, with those who took Deeksha. They have to listen or read the story of the week and can discuss on the topics with the interested ones. Prasadam can be prepared with the so collected grains (or with fruits or some prasadam) and distributed to all the devotees.

During Deeksha, its better to take only Prasadam and only once. This is an exception for children, pregnants, aged and those suffering from diseases etc. Ladies were exempted for the 4 days of their monthly cycle and they can resume Deeksha after that.

All should perform the Bhajans related to Lord Venkateswara and His loved forms like Sri Rama, Sri Krishna. One should practice not to hurt others in any way either by word, deed or thought, unless it is verily necessary for protecting the common good. Bad habits like smoking, eating meat, drinking alcoholic beverages, chewing pan etc. need to be left out without second thought. After the Deeksha period is over, on the last day, one can surrender the Deeksha at Tirupathi or in any holy place or in the home itself.